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Severn Valley Quad Trekking!

Be ready for the exhilaration of a quad bike trek across picturesque and challenging routes, over, through and across anything in your way!

Are you ready to embark on one of the largest quad treks in the UK?! Prepare to venture across one of our picturesque and challenging routes, these will test your abilities on hilly terrain, muddy speed tracks and tackling challenging woodland routes.

Firstly, trial the general control techniques on our Practice Track.

You'll soon find that with off-road power at your fingertips, one of the best things about quad biking is the ease with which the basic skills can be acquired.

Then, once comfortable with the controls, Trek off into the landscape as it becomes an endless playground for you to enjoy!

An amazing day out for:

  • family fun days
  • corporate events
  • birthday parties
  • stag & hen do's